Vehicle thefts have reached crisis point throughout Canada

Vehicle thefts

In recent years, an alarming trend has emerged in Canada as stolen vehicles increasingly find their way to markets in Africa and the Middle East. Shockingly, Canadian law enforcement agencies appear to have made little effort to engage with authorities in the affected regions, allowing this issue to flourish.

A recent investigative report by CBC uncovered dozens of stolen vehicles, many of which had Ontario and Quebec license plates, in a car lot in Ghana, a West African nation. Some of these vehicles still had their Canadian registration documents, making it clear that they were illegally shipped abroad. These stolen vehicles were being sold through various online channels, including social media, often fetching prices close to market value.

Michael Rothe of the Canadian Financing and Leasing Association expressed his concern, stating that Canada has become a “global donor in stolen vehicles.” He believes that this issue primarily stems from a lack of enforcement.

According to the Équité Association, a not-for-profit insurance industry group, vehicle thefts in Canada skyrocketed in 2022. Quebec and Ontario witnessed a surge of around 50%, while Atlantic Canada reported an increase of over 34%. Organized crime groups based in Montreal are believed to be the masterminds behind most of these thefts, with stolen vehicles departing from the Port of Montreal to foreign destinations.

Earlier this year, Peel Regional Police conducted “Project R & R,” recovering more than $10 million worth of stolen vehicles with the help of the Canada Border Services Agency, the Port of Montreal, and Équité Association. This operation was initiated after a series of thefts in the Greater Toronto Area, and the recovered vehicles, totaling 78, were mostly bound for Dubai.

However, these recoveries represent only a fraction of the problem. Vehicle theft in Canada has reached alarming proportions, with a vehicle stolen every six minutes across the country. Toronto, in particular, witnessed a staggering 300% increase in vehicle thefts from 2015 to 2022, with more than 9,600 vehicles stolen in Toronto alone in 2022.

The Canadian Finance and Leasing Association (CFLA) issued a report calling for coordinated national efforts to combat this growing issue. They stressed the need for public education programs on theft prevention, the re-establishment of provincial auto theft teams, and protocols for reporting financed vehicles exported through identity theft.

Other organizations, like Équité Association, have called on Transport Canada to update federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, which have not been updated since 2007. Criminals are exploiting the outdated standards, particularly with the advent of keyless and remote start technologies.


While some measures have been taken at the provincial level, such as Ontario’s investment of $51 million over three years to combat vehicle theft, many argue that more federal action is needed to address this pressing concern.

Huw Williams of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association highlighted a stark contrast with the United States, where vehicle thefts occur at a rate ten times lower per capita. He emphasized that the consequences for thieves in Canada are minimal, pointing out the effectiveness of U.S. Homeland Security in this regard.

Surprisingly, despite the international reach of this problem, authorities in Africa and the Middle East have received little support or engagement from Canadian law enforcement agencies. Canadian agencies have not directly approached these nations or lodged formal complaints regarding the stolen vehicles.

In some instances, frustrated Canadian victims have taken matters into their own hands. One Toronto man successfully tracked his stolen Range Rover to Montreal and personally retrieved it after experiencing delays in container inspections by the Canada Border Services Agency.

In summary, Canada’s growing vehicle theft problem has global repercussions, with stolen vehicles ending up in international markets, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. While some efforts have been made to address the issue at the provincial level, many argue that more coordinated, national, and federal measures are urgently needed to combat this growing crisis and protect Canadian car owners.

Sumann Senguptaa

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