The inspirational story of Ravi Kalra

Ravi Kalra, a successful entrepreneur, black belt martial artist and yogi found his passion when he saw a poor child and a street dog eating together from a waste. He started Earth Saviours Foundation which is dedicated to underprivileged people and the environment.

Early struggles & motivation to keep going

Difficult Beginnings

Left by his wife, Ravi decided to contribute all his time and energy to the service of the underprivileged. Plagued by dwindling donations and trust issues, it was a battle to keep his gurukul (where students are learning and living to near their teacher without any cost) running.

Showing Progress

Seeing the alleviation of suffering and poverty of people in his gurukul was all the motivation he needed to keep going. Hundreds of people have found shelter and food and thousands have been reunited with their families.

Drive To Keep Going

Ravi sees life on the faces of the people he helps. This has been his biggest motivation to continue his work and not give up.

The tragedy of not helping each other out

Selfish anonymity

Selfishness, neglect, and a seemingly endless cycle of problems plagues the conscientiousness of most of humanity today. We have neglected honest solutions, we have ignored our duty to help those in need. We have lost our sense of community!

More than a sole problem

The effects of our cruelty and neglect can be felt throughout society, and the worst part is that it is visible all around us. Humanity itself is at stake due to our disregard to help.

Choking Hazard

Our world is dying a slow painful death as we continue to ignore the environment. Unnecessary noise pollution from constant honking, industrial emissions etc. all play their part in destroying our planet.


The courage to do what’s right

Facing litigations – Ravi has faced countless obstacles during his journey. Litigation battles, midnight fires and a flood that sank his gurukul have not deterred him from continuing to help those in need.

Staff of angels – Ravi’s staff has been nothing short of amazing! They have always been a helping hand even in his darkest moments. These are the real people who make Ravi’s dream a reality.

Selfless service makes him fearless – Selflessness has taught Ravi to be more confident. It has removed his ego and brought him closer to lord almighty. If you too would like to extend a helping hand, please visit Earth Saviours Foundation.

The voice of the voiceless

Environment protection – Working with the Earth Saviours Foundation, Ravi hopes to increase awareness around environmental issues caused by noise pollution.

Safe housing – Many people find themselves at-risk, homeless and in need of help. The Earth Saviours Foundation’s gurukul provides housing and care to these vulnerable communities in the country India.

Noise pollution is “Uncool” – Loud honking is harmful to both humans and animals around us. Balancing the need for noise with respect for our surroundings is something that Ravi and the foundation prioritize

Award Winning Service

National Award – Ravi’s continuous efforts for social good and commitment to saving the environment were recognized and celebrated when he received the prestigious Dr Girish Gandhi National Award for Social Work. He holds the world record for having more than one hundred thousand commercial vehicles take down their “Horn Please” and “Blow Horn” signs.

International Award – The Earth Saviours Foundation and Ravi were also awarded the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Prestigious Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services in 2012. Besides running awareness campaigns, he has cremated more than 4,950 unclaimed and unidentified dead bodies at electric cremation centre in India.

The only way forward

The choice is ours – Pay it forward by being a catalyst for change in your immediate circle. Donate what you can, where you can, and make a difference for people in need.

One small step at a time – Everyone can do something for someone. It doesn’t matter how big or small. What matters is that we all do our part.

Ravi Kalra’s vision for the future

Environmental protection – Ravi hopes to create large-scale awareness around the threat of noise pollution and push for action.

Support and housing for the homeless – Ravi wants to extend the Earth Saviours Foundation to other parts of the country and create multiple gurukuls to offer aid and housing to homeless people.

Community empowerment – Ravi wants to encourage others to help and become a community of its own. Scaling efforts to uplift the community needs everyone’s joint effort.

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