Study pressure among the students & its solution

Study pressure among the students

In this article we will see how study is becoming the pressure among the students. As we know study is very important for any individual. It makes the student learn a lot of things, not only about his lessons but all about life. Study not only teaches the student to deal with life but it also tells how the obstacles in life can be dealt with. But nowadays the study has become pressure because there is lots of peer pressure. Families want their children to score marks so that they can tell openly in public their child marks.

 But nobody thinks about how it goes through the student. Nobody understands their capability to learn. They have to bear a lot of pressure not only from the study but from the teachers, his friends, families, relatives and teachers. 

There is always one thing told to the students that if they do not study they will fail in life. They will do nothing in their life and will be financially very weak. All the students cannot always be good in studies, they can have different talents to do things. Some may be good at drawing, some may be good at cramming, some may be good at dancing, singing. Everyone has different talents but judging somebody just on the basis of how good they are in their studies is very wrong. It not only creates the pressure among the students but it is also letting their morale so down that they do not find themselves fit in the society.

This is also one of the major issues that students face today. Many psychological issues like stress, depression, anxiety and fear. It not only makes them weak by mentally but also makes them emotionally weak.

Students face study pressure because of the many reasons:

  1.  Jealousy: First major issue that the students face is pressure in their studies because of the jealousy symptoms. There are friends or are known ones who score above than yours. Due to the reason, you fall into the feeling of jealousy. It makes you wonder why they are not able to do that. Ultimately they are not able to study.
  1. Parents: Every parent wants their child to score well. Because they want their social status very reputative in the society, they forget about their child’s mental pressure. They start expecting a lot more from them. This child sometimes suppresses the pressure of parents and the good scores. When they do not satisfy their parents it makes them feel very bad. Parents also sometimes scold them for their low scores.
  2. Teachers : Teachers are considered to be very important for any educational institution. But somewhere teachers do not understand the students emotionally, they only expect good results from the students. Instead of making them learn how to improve they put study pressure on them.
  3. Talent gap : Another major concern that students always face study pressure is because of the Talent gap. All the students are not good in their studies and it is a very obvious rule of the universe. Some may be talented in singing, dancing, reading, writing and other skills. So expecting them to only have one skill is wrong.

How to focus on studies

If you are among the students who face all these issues and you are not able to concentrate on your studies, then understanding all the above reasons can be one of your solutions.

  1. Try to study what is more interesting to you. Start with the subjects that are your favourite and you are able to understand them more easily. For example if maths is your favourite subject then start with this subject instead of the subject that you hate more.
  2. Make your proper mindset. Build your time table and be punctual to your schedule.
  3. If you are not a morning person try to wake up early so that you can learn the things in the morning time because it is always considered that things learnt in the morning are very helpful throughout the day. 
  4. Whenever you feel pressure towards studying, give yourself some rest and then start again. Never try to force yourself because forcing yourself will never let you learn anything in your life.
  5. If you are not able to understand or focus your mind on one thing then meditation can be one of your solutions 


As it has become now a mind set that without study people are not going to succeed. But it is totally wrong. If a man is good in his conversation, management, time, dancing, singing or other skills, then he can succeed in his career. Parents and teachers should also understand these things. As there is a difference between the scores and the skills that the individual possesses. Scores are never going to help them. Only skills are going to help them succeed in their career.

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