Soothing Sound of Rivers at Night- A symphony of Peace

Soothing Sound of Rivers at Night

In the stillness of the night, there’s a hidden symphony that unfolds along the banks of rivers across the world. The soothing sound of flowing water, gently whispering against the shores, carries a melody of tranquility and harmony. It is in these nocturnal moments that we find ourselves drawn to the mesmerizing allure of nature’s nighttime symphony.

In the hush of the night, I find my way,

To the river’s edge where soft waters play,

A symphony of peace, a soothing sound,

Where nature’s lullaby can be found.

Beneath the moon’s gentle, silvery glow,

The river’s whispers begin to flow,

Its tranquil notes, a sweet serenade,

In the quiet darkness, fears evade.

The water gently caresses the shore,

A soft touch that eases the soul’s core,

With each ripple that dances and sways,

I feel the burdens of the day decay.

As stars above twinkle in the sky,

The river’s rhythm carries me high,

To a realm of dreams, where worries cease,

And my heart finds a tranquil release.

I close my eyes, and I deeply breathe,

The essence of nature’s grace I receive,

With every breath of this sacred night,

I’m wrapped in a blanket of pure delight.

The river’s song, a balm to my soul,

A melody that makes me feel whole,

Its gentle cadence, a calming embrace,

As I’m lost in this nocturnal grace.

In the soothing sound of rivers at night,

I find solace, my spirit takes flight,

Through life’s journey, I’ll hold this dear,

The river’s song, forever in my ear.

Sumann Senguptaa

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