Russian President Won’t Be Attending New G20 Summit Meeting

Russian President Won't Be Attending New G20 Summit Meeting

Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t be going to a big meeting called the G20 summit in India. This is because there’s a rule from a global court that says he might get arrested if he goes to some other countries. The court thinks he did something wrong with moving kids from Ukraine to Russia.

The people who work for Putin said he’s not coming to the meeting, but they didn’t say he’s avoiding talking to other countries. They will decide later how he’ll be part of the meeting. He also didn’t go to a similar meeting recently.

The rule from the global court has made it hard for Putin to travel to certain countries because they might arrest him. This is different from how he used to travel before, and it’s mainly because of the fighting between Russia and Ukraine, which a lot of countries are upset about.

Putin’s schedule is also busy right now because he’s dealing with the fighting in Ukraine. This has caused problems between Russia and many other countries like the United States. Last year, he didn’t go to another meeting for important countries called the G-20 summit.

While leaders from around the world gather in India for the G20 summit, people will be watching to see how Putin’s absence affects things and what it means for his relationship with other countries. Even though he’s not there in person, his influence and Russia’s role in world affairs are still important.

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