PM Modi: India will be developed nation by 2047


In a recent interview with PTI, PM Narendra Modi addressed a wide range of critical issues. It provide insights into India’s role on the global stage and the nation’s aspirations for the future. Here are the key takeaways from his interview:

1. India’s Leadership at G20: PM Modi highlighted India’s presidency at the G20 and its efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized India’s human-centric development approach, successful vaccination drive, and global vaccine sharing efforts, which were appreciated worldwide. India’s vision for the world has become a roadmap for the future.

2. Debt Crisis Concern: The Prime Minister expressed concerns about the global debt crisis, especially in developing countries. He noted that countries are now focusing more on financial discipline and learning from the experiences of others.

3. Reforms in the United Nations: PM Modi called for reforms in international institutions. He state that a mid-20th-century approach is insufficient for addressing 21st-century challenges. He emphasized the importance of institutions evolving with the times.

4. India’s Development Goals: Prime Minister Modi set an ambitious goal for India to become a developed nation by 2047. He criticized previous governments for their lack of faith in India’s capabilities. Also stressed the importance of decentralizing decision-making to empower different parts of the country.

5. Countering Terrorism and Cyber Threats: PM Modi discussed the challenges posed by terrorism, particularly its use of technology to radicalize individuals and exploit emerging digital avenues such as the dark net, metaverse, and crypto platforms.

6. Resolution through Dialogue: On the Ukraine war, PM Modi advocated for dialogue and diplomacy as the only viable means to resolve conflicts in various regions.

7. ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ Model: The Prime Minister highlighted India’s transformation from a nation perceived as having hungry stomachs to one with aspirational minds, skilled hands, and a commitment to inclusivity. He suggested that India’s ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ model could serve as a guiding principle for global welfare.

8. Caution Against Populism: PM Modi cautioned against populist measures taken by some state governments, noting that while they may yield short-term political gains, they can have detrimental social and economic consequences, particularly for the most vulnerable.

9. A Vision for India: He affirmed that corruption, casteism, and communalism have no place in India’s national life. India aims to achieve a high quality of life for its citizens while preserving nature and culture.

10. Stability and Reforms: Modi credited his government’s decisive mandate for providing stability, predictable policies, and clarity in direction. Over the past nine years, various reforms in the economy, education, finance, digitalization, welfare, and inclusion have laid a strong foundation for India’s growth.

In this interview, Prime Minister Modi showcased India’s contributions to global challenges, its commitment to development, and its vision for a brighter future while addressing pressing issues such as terrorism and debt crises on the world stage.

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