India became 1st country for successfully landing on the south pole

An Indian lunar spacecraft successfully touched down on the moon this Wednesday, marking a significant milestone in both lunar exploration and India’s status as a spacefaring nation. The achievement comes shortly after a Russian lander experienced a crash during a similar mission.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his elation, describing the event as a triumphant moment for a “new India.” He was seen proudly waving the Indian flag while observing the landing from South Africa, where he was attending the BRICS summit.

As the spacecraft safely landed, scientists and officials were filled with excitement, celebrating the successful mission. This achievement is expected to encourage investment in private space launches and satellite-related businesses in India.

S. Somanath, the head of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), proclaimed, “India is on the moon,” underscoring the accomplishment. The lunar vehicle, named Chandrayaan-3, touched down on the moon’s south pole.

This endeavor marked India’s second attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon. It followed a week after Russia’s Luna-25 mission encountered failure. Across India, citizens were captivated by the event, with people glued to television screens and offering prayers as the spacecraft descended.

The term “Chandrayaan” translates to “moon vehicle” in Hindi and Sanskrit. In a previous mission in 2019, ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 successfully deployed an orbiter, but its lander experienced a crash.

Chandrayaan-3 is anticipated to operate for approximately two weeks, conducting a series of experiments, including analyzing the mineral composition of the lunar surface using a spectrometer.

India created history becoming 1st country to land on moon

The landing site at the moon’s south pole presented challenges due to its rugged terrain. This historic landing holds importance as it could provide access to vital resources such as ice, which could be used for fuel, oxygen, and water for future missions.

Significance of chandrayaan 3

Carla Filotico, a partner and managing director at SpaceTec Partners, emphasized the significance of landing on the moon’s south pole. She explained that this location allows India to explore the possibility of water ice on the moon, crucial for advancing geological knowledge.

The lead-up to the landing was filled with anticipation, with prominent headlines in Indian newspapers and news channels running countdowns. Across the nation, prayers were offered in various places of worship, and schoolchildren eagerly awaited live broadcasts of the landing while waving the Indian flag.

The banks of the revered Ganga river saw children gathering to pray for a successful landing, reflecting the spiritual aspect of this achievement. Mosques also held prayers in several locations. At a Sikh temple in New Delhi, Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri extended his prayers for Chandrayaan’s success.

Minister Puri noted that the achievement resonates not only on an economic level but also signifies India’s strides in scientific and technological advancements. This triumph illustrates India’s growing prowess in space exploration and showcases its commitment to pushing boundaries in the field of space science.

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