Housing Crisis for Students Rise in New Brunswick Universities

Housing Crisis for Students

In a concerning development, students at the Université de Moncton and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) are facing a severe housing shortage, leaving many without a place to stay for the academic year. International students, in particular, are grappling with the exorbitant costs of housing in Fredericton, causing significant financial strain.

Rent near the university is reported to be as high as $1,500, forcing students to seek more affordable options nearly nine kilometers away from campus, with inadequate transportation options.

UNB acknowledges the housing challenges and claims to be working on securing additional housing for students, although specific details were not provided.

For international students, especially, the university promotes residence options to ease the transition to a new country, eliminating the need to purchase furniture or manage additional utility bills.

Financial burdens continue to accumulate for students, particularly international ones, who face the added costs of travel and tuition. Étienne Belanger emphasizes the need for government collaboration with universities to build new on-campus residences as a long-term solution and immediate financial support for students.

While the province recently announced an increase in student loans and bursaries, it falls short of addressing the pressing housing crisis. Students are calling for concrete actions from both the government and universities to alleviate their housing woes and ensure a more stable academic journey.

Sumann Senguptaa

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