Current news in Canada today- Ride Canada’s First Hydrogen Train

First Hydrogen Train

Experience North America’s first-ever hydrogen train on a 2.5-hour route in Quebec from June to 30th September 2023. The train is powered by electricity stored as hydrogen, offering an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels in railways. Join the demonstration this summer and be part of the journey towards sustainable transportation in North America.

Hydrogen in Heavy Transportation

Boost Technology Confidence

Advocates of heavy transport hydrogen claim the train will raise awareness and boost confidence in the emerging technology in North America.

Proven Success in Europe

The same model of train has already carried passengers in eight European countries and been purchased by Germany for a hydrogen-only rail route.

Growing Interest in Alternative Fuels

The attention and funding from the Quebec government signal growing interest in alternative fuels and railway innovation.

The Train’s Test Route in Quebec

Alstom’s (French company) Initiative – Alstom approached Réseau Charlevoix and Groupe Le Massif to test-run the train in North America.

Compatible Infrastructure – The low-density area Charlevoix route will be ideal to start as it already used European technology and the new train will be a good fit for the existing infrastructure.

Green Economy Vision – The Quebec government invested in the initiative to decarbonize the economy where conventional electrification isn’t possible, as part of its vision to transition to a green economy by 2030.

The Future of Hydrogen Trains

Refueling Infrastructure – Hydrogen-powered trains are expected to use a similar refueling infrastructure to diesel.

Environmental Benefits – Green hydrogen fuel offers an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the diesel trains currently being used by CP Rail and Southern Railway of B.C.

Potential Route Expansion – The railway would like to buy the train and plans to expand the route from Quebec City to La Malbaie. However, further testing is required to adapt the train wheels to the curves on the railway tracks.

Why Hydrogen for Trains?

  1. A Solution for Canada’s Challenges – Hydrogen-powered trains have attracted the attention of CN Rail, CP Rail, and Southern Railway of B.C. as a solution for Canada’s long distances and low rail density.
  2. Better than Fossil Fuels – Hydrogen is an eco-friendly alternative to diesel and gasoline, with the potential to eliminate the smell, noise, and pollution caused by fossil fuels.
  3. Demand for Green Energy – The growing demand for sustainable and eco-conscious transportation supports the shift towards using hydrogen-powered trains as an innovative and ecological alternative.

Hydrogen Train Technology

Hydrogen Consumption Rate – 50 kilograms of hydrogen a day, which replaces about 500 liters of diesel.

Hydrogen Production – Produced by an electrolyzer from water into hydrogen using electricity from Hydro-Quebec.

Quick Refueling – The full hydrogen tank on the truck is connected to the train’s empty tank. Fueling takes about an hour.

Environmental Benefits – The hydrogen supplied by Harnois Énergies is considered green because it uses renewable electricity as the power source.

Advantages of Hydrogen-Powered Trains

Environmental Benefits – The use of hydrogen in train transportation could save up to 70% in CO2 emissions compared to diesel-powered trains, reduce air and noise pollution, and do not produce any harmful pollutants. Hydrogen trains help reduce overall energy consumption.

Innovative Technology – Hydrogen-powered trains are part of a broader trend towards the use of innovative, eco-friendly technologies in transportation, helping to build a sustainable future for all.

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