2023- The disastrous year for Himachal Pradesh

Deadly Monsoon took away everything from Himachal and brought loses in lives

Himachal Pradesh is known for its beauty and its different culture. Every year millions of tourists make their visit here. From recent previous years, it had almost become the place where every person add their wishlist for visiting Himachal. Himachal Pradesh, often referred to as the “Land of the Gods,” is a northern state in India renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, serene landscapes, and diverse culture.

As called “Devbhoomi” – Land of Gods, there is lot of belief in God among Himachalis. But due to modernization, people had somewhere lost their true values and culture for sacredness of God that had been there from very long.

It is believed that due to its beauty and strong devotion of people in Himachal Pradesh, real origin of many god had been from there. To maintain the purity and same innonce among Himachali’s , every year festivals or melas are celebrated in terms of goodness and wealth of world.

It had been always believed that people in Himachal are innocent and far away from evils. But as Tourism rose here, it not only brought employment but also modernization among people. They used to run for money. Everybody wanted to be on top economically. For this they forget about their moral values which had been part of Himachal from hundred years. God concept turned into business. The rules of Himachali Gods were unfollowed. Their places were covered throughout pollution and garbage which ultimately took wrong turn.

This year 2023 had been memorial year for Himachalis. Becuase this year, that beauty of nature turned into disastrous beauty. It came so furious that it swept lots of houses, cars, roads, buses, etc. Flash floods during this year’s monsoon season have caused unprecedented damage to both lives and assets in Himachal Pradesh. The death toll has crossed 150, and the estimated total loss amounts to ₹10,000 crore. This monsoon had taken away all tourism back from Manali, Kasol, Kullu etc.

This came out with a lesson that we must have a deep respect for nature. It must be accepted that nature is sacred and that we should live in harmony with it. This respect is evident in the way that Himachalis live in heaven. They must be careful not to pollute the environment and use natural resources sustainably. We must be grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds them. We must take the time to appreciate the mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes.

Sumann Senguptaa

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